Monday, 12 November 2012

Pelik tapi benaran dong~ Nguyen Duy Hai is 31 years old man lives in Vietnam is the holder of a unique world record.
Hai is belived to have the largest tumor in Vietnam with 186 pound growth. And he is very poor to pay for an operation to stop the further growth.
According to the report says that such type of the non-cancerous tumor began when he was 4 years old and it isn't stopped despite it grows below the knee 14 years ago.
He said to the newspaper that he can't do anything just sit and lie down only.
Duy Hai appealed for financial assistance to help pay for an operation to have the giant growth removed.

Currently he lives with 61 years old mother who take care of him.Doctors believe that the tumor is the result of genetic mutation.......
Selalunya kita menamakan orang yg seiras atau serupa itu kembar !
bagaimana plak dengan ini?
ada ka ini yang dinamakan kembar siam??
heheeheh jom kita saksikan cerita video ini :)

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